Hiring Financial Professionals

Our Strategies are doing wonderfully and they are perfect for almost every level of investor.

I built them to work in any market environment too, and they are doing just that.

I need people who can communicate this efficiently.

I am looking to hire both RIA registered and non-registered professionals.

I have extensive retail lists, and I will provide them

But I am also interested in institutional channels.

If you have connections to Hedge Funds, Foundations, Trusts, pension plans, or any other institutional level investor class that, would be a bonus, and accordingly reciprocated.

Your job: 

Communicate our strategies by phone, email, social media, etc.

Open accounts and communicate with clients as needed.

The Strategies:

  1. Core Portfolio Strategy:  Sharpe Ratio is 20.26.  That means the returns are far better than the market with less associated risk than the market.  This is perfect for large portfolios looking to reduce risk without sacrificing return.
  2. Sentiment Table Strategy:  This is up 62 percent YTD on only 15 trades and it has been in cash about 70 percent of the time.  It has higher Beta when it is engaged, so it's not right for CORE portfolios, but it's a great satellite strategy and the 'mostly cash' attribute reduces overall risk exposures too.

If you have qualifications that fit the description above let me know.

Thomas Kee