Stock Traders Daily reports on Chesapeake Energy Corporation (NYSE:CHK).

Stock Traders Daily has issued a Special Report for Chesapeake Energy Corporation (NYSE:CHK).

This report details:

  1. Fair Value analysis
  2. Balance Sheet Issues
  3. Earnings Growth Projections
  4. Hedging results and GAAP vs non-GAAP
  5. And ultimately price targets, and forward projections.

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'Because CHK is largely valued in relation to oil and natural gas prices it has been moving in a coordinated fashion with oil and natural gas prices.  It often declines when oil and gas prices decline and it increases when prices increase, which is not a surprise given the proven reserves that it has.

Those proven reserves are part of what makes up the second and more fundamental observations I have for Chesapeake Energy.

Regardless of what I think might happen to oil prices over the next few months, I believe that shares of Chesapeake Energy can ultimately go much higher, even beyond that.  I will address both my target for oil prices and in addition my target for CHK.'

Full Report - CHK Special Report

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