TWTR and the FOMC policy

What does Jack Dorsey Mean by considerable time?

Let's not make any mistake; the 'interim' CEO came out with the intention to be brutally honest and to demonstrate a demand for growth in an effort to appease disgruntled investors.  In many ways he did that.  He successfully pointed out what needs to happen, and he clearly suggested that they were actively pursuing that path, but he failed in one material way.

He used a term that resonated with Wall Street, and he used it loosely.

When we hear words like "considerable time" it reminds us of FOMC commentary, and the long dragged out stimulus policies and policy statements that we have heard for years.  That is slow, monotonous, and Wall Street rides on every word.

In many ways Wall Street rode on these exact words from jack Dorsey, but there is a major difference.  The term 'considerable time' in Silicon Valley carries with it a much different meaning.  The FOMC means years, at least that is what we have come to know, but in Silicon Valley a month or two is an eternity.  A considerable amount of time is anything longer than right now!!!

TWTR was down by 11% when I was typing these words, and it was clear that Wall Street was relating Jack's use of considerable time to what the FOMC might say in a statement, and that is simply not the right thing to do.

The term means that he is demanding progress, and it might take a few months to get there.  It does not mean years like it might when the term or a similar term is used on FOMC statements.