Tesla $TSLA is Strong on a Near Term and Midterm Basis, Shown in Charts and Graphs

Tesla (NASDAQ: TSLA) is Strong on a Near Term and Midterm Basis, Shown in Charts and Graphs below.  Important: check the date of this report and update the report as needed.  The data changes over time.

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Technical Summary

Term →Near Mid Long
Bias Strong Strong Neutral
P1 325.65 262.93 249.04
P2 338.90 301.94 296.16
P3 353.91 340.30 342.16

Long Term Trading Plans for TSLA

June 14, 2018, 8:54 am ET

The technical Summary and associated Trading Plans for TSLA listed below will help you make important timing decisions for your trades. This data is based on our proprietary analysis for TSLA. In addition we offer Market Timing Models and Stock Filters in the links above which may increase the proficiency of the decisions you make.

TSLA - (Long) Support Plan

Buy over 342.16 target n/a stop loss @ 341.9.
The technical summary data tells us to buy TSLA near 342.16, but there is no current upside target from the summary table. In this case we should wait until either an update to the summary table has been made (which usually happens at the beginning of every trading day), or until the position has been stopped. The data does tell us to set a stop loss 341.9 to protect against excessive loss in case the stock begins to move against the trade. 342.16 is the first level of support below 344.78, and by rule, any test of support is a buy signal. In this case, if support 342.16 is being tested, a buy signal would exist.

TSLA - (Short) Resistance Plan

There are no current resistance levels from the summary table, and therefore there are no Short resistance Plans which tell us to short upon tests of resistance. Resistance levels have broken higher and unless the stock reverses lower and below support levels again short positions look risky.

TSLA Long Term Analysis

TSLA EPS Analysis

TSLA Revenue chart

TSLA Growth rate - Quarterly

TSLA Growth rate - Yearly

TSLA PE chart

TSLA PEG chart