Working With Financial Professionals: Strategic Relationships

We are interested in developing strategic relationships.  Please read below.

  • We have the #1 Strategy on the Market YTD (+118%)
  • Thomas Kee manages it for some clients, and we offer it in DIY format as well
  • Uniquely, Investors can actually watch it work live before they invest in it; that's rare.
  • That allows them to make an educated decision based on hands-on experience.

We do more than just that:

  • We have been developing strategies that suit the changing market environments that have come since the inception of online trading prior to 2000.
  • We have thrived during major market corrections, where others have collapsed
  • We are the longest standing proactive trading Newsletter on the Internet Today
  • We have Strategic Partnerships with Reuters, FirstCall, Multex, MarketWatch, etc.
  • Ex.  Reuters sells our Research to their institutional clients.
  • We offer research and analysis to our clients online
  • We cover 4 Markets + 3000 stocks
  • We offer daily commentary and opinion
  • Our economic analysis is macroeconomic
  • Our Investment Decisions are regimented and strategy-based.

Our Global Reach:

  • We have clients from every continent in the world
  • We have a global reach of millions through our Social network
  • We have direct opt-in contacts for over 30,000 investors.

Our Vertical Channel:

We have developed a vertical channel that funnels new leads and prospective clients into our network every day, so we have fresh warm leads every day.


We are interested in leveraging our accolades to work with other financial professionals in varying capacities.  However, we do NOT sell our database and we do NOT advertise products to our clients. 

  • Partnerships with unregistered/registered CPAs and RIAs are common.
  • Media Partnerships are content-driven (articles, interviews, or research)
  • CPL programs are already in place and can be enacted seamlessly

Direct - Hire Individuals:

  • We have sales/marketing roles to fill
  • Direct Phone Sales experience a plus
  • Financial Product Sales a plus
  • Work Remotely
  • We have all the leads
  • We absorb all of the expenses.


If you are interested in any aspect of the above please email us and let us know your thoughts and indications of interest.