Can the Coca-Cola Co (NYSE:KO) Regain Its Position as the Most Valuable Brand?

The Coca-Cola Co (NYSE:KO) was the most valuable and recognizable brand for many years before Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) overtook it due to the iPhone’s popularity. However, Coca-Cola is best known for its ad campaigns that are extremely memorable, which inspires brand loyalty among its customers.

A closer look at Coca-Cola reveals that the company sells non-alcoholic beverages, which many of its customers could live without consuming. However, due to its effective ad campaigns, the company has created demand for its products among consumers who were largely convinced to try the beverage due to its creative ads.

Coca-Cola is a company that knows the value of advertising and is constantly creating new ads to keep its existing customers and attract new ones. The company has two types of ads; the first category of ads is ads that are markets on a global scale as they target consumers in all its markets. The second category of ads is composed of ads that target specific countries.

Some of the memorable Coke ad campaigns include the ‘open happiness’ global campaign and the ‘taste the feeling’ campaign. Although Apple Inc is currently the most valuable brand globally, Coca Cola’s ad campaigns continue to position it as one of the most recognizable brands worldwide.

Coca Cola is still the leading soft drinks manufacturer in most countries as well as globally. The company has also adapted to changing consumer preferences by launching new products that target the health-conscious consumer.

Products such as the diet coke use artificial sweeteners in an effort to reduce the amount of calories contained in each drink. Such products have witnessed significant uptake in the developed countries where consumers are keen on limiting their calorie intake.

Furthermore, Coca Cola has returned immense value to its investors over the years as it usually pays a high dividend. Early investors such as billionaire Warren Buffet have reaped significant returns from their investments in the soft drinks company.