Ford Motor Company (NYSE: F) Is Underperforming Other US Automakers

Ford Motor Company (NYSE: F) reported its fourth quarter results towards the end of January where its revenues beat expectations, but its profits were lower than expected. The disappointing results led the company’s stock price to drop slightly as investors reacted to the earnings report.

The company slightly redeemed itself by releasing its January sales report, which indicated that the F-Series truck had generated its best sales figures since January 2004. However, despite this being true, other types of vehicles sold by Ford witnessed significant drops in sales, according to data from the Bureau of Economic Analysis.

Our proprietary analysis indicates that the company’s revenue was on a downtrend as from Q4 2015, but recovered in the latest quarter as the company reported total revenues of $41.3 billion, which beat analysts’ expectations. However, Ford’s bottom line missed by coming in at $1.74 billion, which was lower than the previous year’s $1.86 billion pre-tax profit. The company also reported that its margins declined by about 2% in the latest quarter.

The January auto sales report indicates that Ford is losing market share to its rivals led by General Motors Company (NYSE: GM), whose vehicles recorded significant sales growth in January. Overall, Ford reported a 6.6% decline in vehicles sold, while individual brands reported much higher percentage declines as evidenced by the Lincoln brand, which reported a 27% decline in units sold.

The massive decline in sales witnessed by Ford was largely driven by the weak demand for Lincoln branded cars. Examples include the Lincoln MKZ, which saw a 43.7% decline in sales, followed closely by the MKX, which reported a 38.1% decline, and the Continental, which posted a 30.2% decline. These declines are significant given that GM reported a 14% increase in Silverado sales, while the Colorado model reported 25% growth.

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February 22, 2018, 1:42 pm ET

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