Is eBay Inc (NASDAQ: EBAY) Still Relevant in the E-Commerce Industry?

In a recent interview with CNBC, eBay Inc (NASDAQ: EBAY) CEO Devin Wenig stated that the e-commerce site remains competitive through a mix of cost, speed and convenience. The CEO further reiterated that the e-commerce bidding site focuses on curating unique products, but is widely diversified and offers products that appeal to most customers.

Article Summary

EBay remains relevant in today’s e-commerce market due to its unique value proposition.

The company’s CEO has a positive outlook on eBay’s future.

The company is likely to continue thriving despite the Amazon threat.

Here’s the trading report on eBay.

The e-commerce industry has become extremely competitive in recent years, especially with the far-reaching influence of, Inc. (NASDAQ: AMZN), which has drastically transformed the way customers shop. Given that both companies were founded in 1995, the two have grown to become the face of e-commerce, however, eBay has been eclipsed by Amazon in terms of market capitalization and global reach.

Although eBay stocks a variety of everyday items similar to those sold on and other e-commerce platforms, its value proposition lies in auctioning unique items that are exclusively listed in the site. Recent examples of some unique items sold on eBay include a rare 50 pence coin that was selling for over £600 as well as handwritten Eminem lyrics that were selling for over £4,000 on eBay’s UK site.

While speaking at the World Economic Forum, eBay’s CEO reiterated the growing consumer confidence across the globe as evidenced by the robust sales generated during the holiday season. However, he also stated that the increasing political volatility in many parts of the world could hamper economic growth, while at the same time expressing concern about the regulation of businesses, which could also have adverse effects on global trade.

Despite the fact that eBay now sells numerous everyday items, the platform will forever be known as a bidding site for unique used items, which has been the company’s main focus since its founding. There will always be a ready market for the unique items auctioned on eBay, which creates a moat for the company’s core business, and is likely to generate positive returns for the company’s shareholders in future.

However, it is not enough to know that a stock is likely to head higher, or lower this year. As an investor or trader, it is important to time your entry and exit points accurately in order to minimize risk and maximize your profit potential.

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