Valuation Analysis for American Express Company (NYSE:AXP)

Recently, the Dow Jones industrial average has been riddled with winners and losers, and with that the markets have fluctuated quite wildly in the first couple of days of this quarterly earnings season.

Notwithstanding specific earnings results, and with a focus on more naturally defined price based opportunities, shares of American Express Company (NYSE:AXP) bounced off a longer-term level of support, a level of support that was tested on Wednesday, and if that support level remains intact we should expect the shares to increase all the weight to the longer-term resistance levels offered in our real time trading report for AXP, implying that the stock has additional upside with defined downside risk controls.

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The downside risk controls exist at our defined support levels, so if support as that is offered in our real time trading report for AXP breaks lower it would be an indicator to sell, but buy signals did surface when that support level was tested on Wednesday.  The stock is now at a level that we consider to be in the middle of its trading range already.

AXP EPS Analysis

AXP Dividend Chart

AXP Revenue chart

AXP Growth rate - Quarterly

AXP Growth rate - Yearly

AXP PE chart

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