International Business Machine IBM Pivot Points

Source: Stock Traders Daily

This International Business Machine (NYSE: IBM) report was produced using proprietary algorithums developed by Stock Traders Daily.  Over the past 20 years our metholdology has been refined to help identify the best strategies for both individual stocks and the stock markets, with prudent risk controls.


This is a static report, the data below was valid at the time of the publication, but support and resistance levels for IBM change over time, so the report should be updated regularly.  Real Time updates are provided to subscribers.  Unlimited Real Time Reports.

Subscribers also receive market analysis, stock correlation tools, macroeconomic observations, timing tools, and protection from market crashes using Evitar Corte.  


The rules that govern the data in this report are the rules of Technical Analysis.  For example, if IBM is testing support buy signals surface, and resistance is the target.  Conversely, if resistance is being tested, that is a sign to control risk or short, and support would be the downside target accordingly.  In each case, the trigger point is designed to be both an ideal place to enter a position (avoid trading in the middle of a trading channel), and it acts as a level of risk control too.

Swing Trades, Day Trades, and Longer term Trading Plans:

This data is refined to differentiate trading plans for Day Trading, Swing Trading, and Long Term Investing plans for IBM too.  All of these are offered below the Summary Table.

Graph of Evitar Corte vs S&P 500